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Happy Thanksgiving - 2016

by Alden Savoca on 11/28/16

From all of us here at Vendors Tech, a Happy Thanksgiving to our many loyal and wonderful customers and patrons!  We would like to publicly thank Almighty God for the bountiful and blessed year He has bestowed upon all of us here, and upon each of you.  We hope that we have been able to bless those we have served over the past year, and we look forward to making the most of the opportunity to do so again in the year to come.

Each year, we post as part of our Thanksgiving note, a past US Presidential Proclamation of Thanksgiving.  James Madison recognized the role God played in protecting, sustaining, and raising up this nation.  We hope all of its citizens will remember that this year, and reflect on and rejoice in all their many God bestowed blessings this Thanksgiving!

Given at the city of Washington on the 4th day of March, A.D. 1815, and of the Independence of the United States the thirty-ninth.

By the President of the United States: James Madison

A Proclamation:

The senate and House of Representatives of the United States have by a joint resolution signified their desire that a day may be recommended to be observed by the people of the United States with religious solemnity as a day of thanksgiving and of devout acknowledgments to Almighty God for His great goodness manifested in restoring to them the blessing of peace. No people ought to feel greater obligations to celebrate the goodness of the Great Disposer of Events of the Destiny of Nations than the people of the United States. His kind providence originally conducted them to one of the best portions of the dwelling place allotted for the great family of the human race. He protected and cherished them under all the difficulties and trials to which they were exposed in their early days. Under His fostering care their habits, their sentiments, and their pursuits prepared them for a transition in due time to a state of independence and self-government. In the arduous struggle by which it was attained they were distinguished by multiplied tokens of His benign interposition. During the interval which succeeded He reared them into the strength and endowed them with the resources which have enabled them to assert their national rights, and to enhance their national character in another arduous conflict, which is now so happily terminated by a peace and reconciliation with those who have been our enemies. And to the same Divine Author of Every Good and Perfect Gift we are indebted for all those privileges and advantages, religious as well as civil, which are so richly enjoyed in this favored land. It is for blessings such as these, and more especially for the restoration of the blessing of peace, that I now recommend that the second Thursday in April next be set apart as a day on which the people of every religious denomination may in their solemn assembles unite their hearts and their voices in a freewill offering to their Heavenly Benefactor of their homage of thanksgiving and of their songs of praise.

Tech Tips: Dixie Narco BevMax Slides

by Alden Savoca on 08/11/16

Dixie Narco has been making glass front vending machines for somewhere around 15 years now (Dixie Narco bought out ECC's bottle drop design in the early 2000s).  First, there were the all gravity free-falling "bottle drop" vendors, and now, the sleek elevator/gravity delivery system is the current state-of-the-art model.  Models we're dealing with here include the 2145, 5591, BevMax 2, BevMax 3, BevMax 4, and now the BevMax Media 6. 

The 45 plastic slides and spring loaded back pushers each full size glass front machine has have changed several times over the years.  The first design didn't even have a pusher at all, the bottles fell using the force of gravity only!  Now, the current design for the BevMax 4/6 models look more rounded on the edges, have a much taller spring loaded pusher, and a stronger spring.  The incredible part about it?  All versions of that slide are interchangeable with each other!  That means that the current slides used in the new BevMax Media soda machines, will work and fit in your old 2145 bottle drop machine, as well as anything in between.  In addition, the current slide is almost $3.00 cheaper than the older slide versions with the shorter backs, which are still offered by Dixie as well - that's right, cheaper, go figure. 

The older slide with the shorter back is part #80181814.  The current slide is part #80182096.  I highly recommend you only buy and use the newer slide assembly.  It does a much better job of pushing the product forward, and it's much cheaper.  We sell the new slide under both part numbers on our online store,

Vendors Tech Stands With North Carolina & Mississppi

by Alden Savoca on 04/14/16

Thanks to a rapidly declining culture, and an intentional effort in our society to blur the line between right and wrong, decency and indecency, common sense and sheer idiocy, certain state governments have recently found it necessary to codify protections for business owners and other citizens who still desire some limits on public indecency and respect for their religious beliefs.  

North Carolina and Mississippi have recently made courageous efforts to curb discrimination and persecution against people who want to live and operate their businesses according to their religious beliefs, and to protect the majority of upstanding citizens in their states from indecent intrusions on their privacy by individuals confused about the gender God permanently gave them at birth.

As a result of North Carolina's law banning men from women's restrooms (and vice versa), major US corporations have responded by taking their business elsewhere.  Mississippi has likewise received economic backlash and punishment as a result of them protecting business owners who do not wish to be forced to violate their religious beliefs while earning a living.

As the owner of a business myself, I feel it is important that I do my part in openly supporting the rights of other businesses, the rights of individuals who own businesses, and decency and morality in public and in the business arena when those things or individuals are undermined or slandered by certain people and groups who want to force everyone to participate in social re-engineering experiments.  I also feel it is important that I exercise the same right any business has to choose not to do business somewhere or with someone, as many have done in and to the state of North Carolina, and refuse my business to others who have taken a stand against morality, decency, and our nation's predominate faith based values.

Vendors Tech will no longer be doing business with, or purchasing products from:

Starbucks, American Airlines, Barnes & Noble, Coca-Cola.  We will be looking for ways to roll back our utilization of PayPal, eBay, and our use of other airlines such as United and Delta.  A full letter with the signatures of the Executives of over 100 businesses and corporations, demanding North Carolina repeal its new bathroom protection law, can be viewed here -  We encourage others to consider a similar abstention from conducting business with the companies associated with that letter. 

And a quick suggestion to PayPal - a leading opponent of religious protection and morality in Christian nations.  If you want to have any credibility or standing in this country in your argument for favoring so called homosexual and transgender "rights" over those of its Christian and moral opposition, start by STOPPING to do business in Islamic countries that STONE those people to death!

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Oakland, CA Soda Tax Headed to November Ballot

OAKLAND, CA -- Voters in Oakland, CA, will decide the fate of a proposed new tax on soda and other drinks when they cast their votes in November. The city's Measure HH seeks to levy a 1¢ per fl.oz. tax on sugary beverages. The American Beverage Association has reportedly already spent $600,000 to fight the proposal.

Bay Area operator Jennifer Skidmore of J&J Vending (Union City, CA) testified in July 2014 before the City Council here, strongly opposing the inclusion of a soda tax measure on the November ballot that year. In September 2014, a judge ruled that the terms "high-calorie" and "sugary drinks" must be removed from the wording of the soda tax measure that made it onto the November ballot but did not pass. Two Berkeley residents, Anthony Johnson and Leon Cain, filed the lawsuit in August asking that the phrases be changed because state law requires ballot materials to be impartial.

Voters in neighboring Berkeley approved the first soda tax in the U.S. in November 2014 with more than three-quarters of the votes cast in favor. The city's 1¢-per-fl.oz. tax has raised $1.5 million to date.

Philadelphia on June 16 of this year approved a 1.5¢-per-fl.oz. tax on sugar-sweetened and diet beverages in a 13-4 vote. The tax, which the city plans to start collecting on Jan. 1, 2017, is expected to raise about $91 million annually.​

Source:  The Vending Times
Author:  Emily Jed

NAMA Offers Eight Tips for Looming Dec. 1st FDA Calorie Deadline

 CHICAGO -- The deadline for calories to be disclosed for all food and beverage sold through vending machines is Dec. 1, 2016. The National Automatic Merchandising Association has been preparing for the calorie-labeling requirement's impact on the vending industry for more than five years. The rule, which appears in the Affordable Healthy Care Act of 2010, applies to businesses with 20 or more vending machines, including bulk venders. NAMA's government affairs team, led by Eric Dell, Sheree Edwards and Sandy Larson, has created a list of tips to help its members prepare for business under the new rule. The team's eight tips are:

1. For operators. The compliance deadline is for food and beverage sold from vending machines on or after Dec. 1, 2016. Therefore, we urge operators to begin now the process of securing products that have front-of-pack calorie labeling or updating electronic signage or other means of signage to disclose calories for food and beverage products sold in machines by Dec. 1.

2. For manufacturers. If food and beverage manufacturers are adding front-of-pack calorie disclosure, we urge them to begin the new labeling process as soon as possible so that operators relying on this system have the necessary time needed to sell current inventory which doesn't include front-of-pack calorie labeling.

3. Business info on machines. Operators need to confirm that business information is included on vending machines or on adjacent signage. This information must include business name, telephone number, and email or mailing addresses. The requirement is very specific in the FDA's final rule and the disclosure must include, at a minimum, this contact information.

4. Gum, mints and roll candy. NAMA is working with food manufacturers and vending operators to create appropriate disclosure signage for gum, mints and roll candy. Stay tuned for an easy calorie-disclosure solution for these products in the near future that will ensure compliance to protect them.

5. Front-of-pack. The FDA recently updated its rule to allow front-of-pack disclosure, as long as calorie information on packages is visible at the point of purchase. While there is no minimum font-size requirement at this time, calorie values must be unobstructed to the consumer at the point of purchase. | SEE STORY

6. Coffee. Coffee vending machines are included in the rule. Operators are urged to disclose calories on the front of their hot beverage machines for coffee products, and additives dispensed from them, as soon as possible.

7. OCS equipment. The vending calorie-disclosure rule does not apply to office coffee service equipment.

8. Micromarkets. The vending calorie-disclosure rule does not apply to self-checkout micromarkets, unless a market has a vending machine within. In that situation, disclosure requirements would apply to that vending machine. 

Source:  The Vending Times

Special thanks to the Vending Times for their support of the vending industry!

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  • We repair National, AP, Dixie Narco, and USI control boards.
  • Our technicians are factory and field trained to professionally service and restore bill validators, changers, and control boards to manufacturer specs.
  • We offer FAST turn around times and a 6 month parts and labor warranty on all repairs.
  • Send in 5 or more total validators, changers, or control boards at one time, and we'll pay for return freight to you once they are repaired!

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