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Just box your unit and ship it in!  No RMA or repair form is required.  You can ship using your carrier, or click on the FedEx logo below and print a label in seconds!  Then, drop off the package at a FedEx store or terminal, its that easy!

​Sending in 5 or more units?  No problem!  We pay for incoming freight.  You will only be charged for return freight.  Simply call us and give us you address information.  If you have 5 or more units, and you choose to use your own shipping carrier and pay for incoming freight, no problem!  We'll cover return freight to you after the repair is done!

Request a shipping label (Must be sending in 5 pieces or more)
To request a shipping label, call us at 970-623-1272
and have the following information ready so we
can create your shipping label:

-Full name/business name
-Full physical address
-Phone number
-Email address you want the label sent to
-Number of validators/changer/boards you are 
sending in

After we receive this information, we will email you a 
pre-paid FedEx shipping label, and all you have to
do is box your unit, and drop it off at a FedEx store 
or terminal.  You will only be billed for return shipping
after the repair is done.


Print your own label by clicking on the FedEx logo, or using your own shipping carrier...
What we repair:
Repair Rates:
Bill Acceptors:


All VN/AE 2400/2500/2600/
2700/2800 series validators.


All BA/MAG/BillPro/Vantage series validators.

Pyramid Technologies:

All XLC series validators
All 5000 series validators
All 7000 series validators
All Spectra series validators


We offer replacement validators

Coin Mechs:


All TRC series changers
All VN-4000 series changers
All CF-7000 series changers


All 3000 series changers
All 9300 series changers
All Coin Pro series changers
All Guardian 6000 and 6000XL series changers
All Vortex/Quantum series coin changers

Control Boards:

National models 

147/148 control board, driver board, coin mech board, digital display

430 control board, digital display

AP models

4000/5000 control board

6000/7000 control board, power board, digital display

110/112/113 control board, digital display

LCM 1,2,3,4 control board, digital display (one piece)

Dixie Narco models

MPC control board, digital display

SII/SIID control board,digital display

USI models

SMIII control board, digital display

SMIV control board, digital display

For all bill validators:

$41.00 + parts with a 6 month warranty.

For all coin mechs:

$41.00 + parts with a 6 month warranty.

For all control boards:

$61.95 + parts with a 6 month warranty.

Repair Rates for Coinco Vantage, Quantum, Vortex and Guardian Units:

$118.59 flat rate for all Vantage series validators

$143.50 flat rate for all Coinco Guardian 6000 coin changers

$102.90 flat rate for all Guardian 6000XL & 6000GLX changers

$102.90 flat rate for all Quantum and Vortex coin changers
* Repair estimates are only an estimate.  Vendors Tech does not guarantee that any repair performed on a unit will cost the exact amount, or end up being near the exact amount that was estimated.  It is impossible to determine all problems a unit has from a brief description of the problem, as one problem often causes others as well.  Our technicians can usually make an educated guess on the likely causes of the issues you are having, and the parts needed to fix a unit, and we will make the estimates are as accurate as possible.  However, please keep in mind that the estimates you receive are only educated guesses, and are not intended to establish the repair cost of any unit.  Final repair cost can only be determined after the repair has been completed.  
It is very important that you include a note with your return address AND phone number, as we will need to contact you when your unit is done to receive payment.  We will call you after the repair is done, and you can pay however you want!  We accept the following as methods of payment:

You can also use our repair form, as it includes all fields of information 

that we will need to speedily process your order.  

You can print a PDF version of our repair form here:

Customer satisfaction and the quality of our work are very important to us.  When you use Vendors Tech for your repair needs, you can expect the following quality services: 

1. Fastest turn around time over any of our competitors.

2. Simple, hassle free shipping and processing of your units.

3. Personalized service during and after the repair.  We will tell you exactly what was wrong, and what it took to fix it.  We understand repairing a validator or control board might be one step in several to get a machine working again, and we are committed to helping you diagnose and repair your problem even if the validator rebuild didn't fix the machine.

4. Got your unit back and it still doesn't work?  We understand that can happen, because no matter how hard we try, we won't always be perfect.  However, we HONOR our warranties, and you can always send back any unit that does not work, or does not meet your highest expectations, and we'll make it right.  There is absolutely no charge for warranty repairs.  

5. We want to hear from you.  Please take the web poll on the right, send us an email, or call us!  Feel free to write a review, just click on the link below!

Review Vendors Tech!

As always, we appreciate your business.  Please check out our other web pages to buy parts, equipment, or to access technical resources.  

Send Units for Repair To:
Vendors Tech
Repair Department
4531 U Rd
DeBeque, CO

We Do Repairs, Changers,
Validators, Control Boards 

  2-3 day turn around time.
  Competitive repair rates.
  Personalized service.
  Fastest processing system in the industry.
  6 month warranty on all repairs.
  Its as easy as 1 2 3!
Send Units for Repair To:
Vendors Tech
Repair Department
​4531 U Rd
​DeBeque, CO

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What We Repair & Repair Rates
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